Interested in teaching yoga? Keen to be in the community and interested in yoga but have never done it before? Completed a yoga training course and wish to help us?

Now working alongside SevaUnite Africa we help train anyone who is interested in getting involved.

We supply you with links to PDF files and sound recordings that are useful resources to help you understand and develop your teaching around the methods, pace, style and emphasis used in SevaUnite and Yoga education in prisons Trust community yoga projects. If you are teaching in our Prison Freedom Project it is advisable to go through the correspondence course to familiarize yourself with the content as you may field questions about the theory and practices within. The sound recordings are a great audio aid. We highly recommend using the Seva Yoga manual to help develop and use your service as a means of personal growth and transformation.

Contact Adhyatma (teaching director) to start now:

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Professional development – January 2016.

“The goal of treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is to help people live in the present, without feeling or behaving according to irrelevant demands belonging to the past.”  
Bessel A. van der Kolk. 

A one day training for yoga teachers: 

  • Experience a trauma sensitive yoga class
  • Explore trauma theories and the neurophysiology of trauma,  based on the research of Bessel van der Kolk
  • Explore how to modify your existing yoga classes to make them more trauma sensitive, based on the work of David Emerson and the Trauma Institute , Boston USA
  • Discover what you need to start a trauma sensitive yoga class

Details to come. Keep posted.