Meet Our Teachers


Adhyatma ~ Wellington
After first coming to Yoga at 14yrs Adhyatma rediscovered it in her late twenties and went to study in India in 2001. For the last fourteen years she has been teaching in the community, including private, corporate, antenatal, and in schools and prisons.

Adhyatma is the co-founder of Yoga Education in Prisons Trust and is currently teaching  in two units in the Rimutaka mens prison of  the Wellington area. She finds these classes the most rewarding due to the positive response she gets from the prisoners and sees the obvious changes that occur within a short period of time after some regular practice of simple postures. “Prisoners claim they sleep better, have less physical pain, and are more able to manage their reactions to external events that are beyond their control”

Gyanidhi (Jane) ~ Christchurch
Gyanidhi has a variety of experience of teaching in the community; from children to those with special needs.

She is passionate about teaching and sharing yoga practices of practical application so others too can enjoy and benefit from them. She is currently teaching in several units at Christchurch Mens prison – Paparua.

Gyanidhi has recently taken over position as Trust Chair.



 Brendon Sakey ~ Auckland
Brendon tried his first yoga class under some pine trees in the Himalayan foothills in his early twenties and loved everything about it. As well being a yoga teacher Brendon is also a social worker who is passionate about sharing yoga with people who most need it. Brendon has taught yoga in the community, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers  palliative care and Auckland prison. In these various settings Brendon has seen yoga provide many benefits and positive change for people with a wide range of different issues all looking for more peace and well being in their lives.

Tracy Collins ~ Wanganui
Tracy had been doing various types of yoga for the past 12 years and only thought of yoga as an exercise and  then she stayed at a Yoga Retreat, and the feeling of intense love, while doing asana, pranayama and meditation was life changing for her.  She is now able to use these great tools to help her and feels blessed to pass this on to other people. Tracy currently shares yoga in a high security wing at Wanganui mens.



If you are interested in becoming involved teaching please contact Adhyatma on