Currently 65 prisoners attend yoga sessions around NZ with 4 of our Volunteer teachers.
Most of the jails are about an hour away. Teaching time plus driving time means that to teach one class takes a half a day. Energetically it also takes mental preparation. Not only on the day but in one’s whole life. Our teachers all have a steady daily sadhana (practice) and training that has given them the steadfastness and fortitude to handle most situations with equanimity.
All our teachers comment on how they feel they get more out of this work than the prisoners which is good sign. It’s a sign they are following their dharmic path.
In this way YEPT flows and grows.

If you wish to support this growth we are asking for donations to supplement teachers petrol costs, admin time, and projects such as the creation and free distribution of a Yoga in Prisons CD based on our Freedom From Within Program.

YEPT have Donee Status which means individuals and companies can claim for donations made over $5 if they provide a receipt.

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