Tēnā koutou katoa,

Our second quarter of 2018 has capitalised on our strategising efforts in the first few months to get some of our biggest initiatives to date off the ground.
The biggest success of note is the review and refresh of our correspondence course programme. We have engaged a contractor to overhaul the existing content to ensure it is current, accessible and reflective of our culture and unique needs. This is a very popular programme that runs along-side our classes, and also enables us to support more prisoners when we are not yet able to offer in-person classes. We expect the new programme to be in prisoners hands by the end of the year.
We have also made an important decision to bring professional development for our affiliated teachers in-house as we have a lot of talent within our board to teach teachers. Three of our board members Adele, Jane and Jasmin are currently planning curriculum for a 1-day trauma-sensitive yoga training for this October that will help up-skill our prison teachers, offered for free as part of their affiliation with us.
Furthermore, our great work within the prison gates continues to be welcomed and recognised by both those who need it most, along with corrections staff. Latest statistics show nine out of 10 prisoners have a history of mental health disorders or substance abuse, and more and more research is showing that whole-person therapeutic applications like yoga is a very valuable modality to support change. Indeed, the Department of Corrections is starting to hear our rallying cry for more yoga, in more prisons, and has donated a one-off lump sum to help us increase the number of classes we offer. 
All we are doing to help meet their duty of care is also made possible with your generous monthly commitment. Thank you for your continued support as we set ourselves on a path for even greater impact to help those most vulnerable.

Read about Jemma and Pauls experiences at Manawatu prison below and scroll down a bit further to read about Adhyatmas award in the People Choice competition and you can vote (Until Aug 10th) for her if you like! 

On behalf of YEPT
Adhyatma, Adele, John, Jasmin, Andrea, Jane and Pat.

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