Tuesday (first class!) went very well. The guys were very engaged and enjoyed the class. It’s an interesting dynamic to work and did at times feel a bit like trying to get children to focus, but overall they were enthusiastic and willing to learn and try some things that were maybe a bit different for them.

 I found out that all of those that attended also play league for the prison team, a great opportunity as my introduction to yoga came through undoing the damage to my body after rugby – so I could relate to them via that. We had a good mix of strength, flexibility as well as mindfulness and staying present – all based around a rugby analogy of not thinking too far ahead and only playing what’s in front of you.  We even had one of the NCO’s join in for a bit, much to the guys amusement.

I enjoyed it and they are keen for me to come back up next week, so I must have made some impact on them. I’m happy to continue teaching at the unit. 

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