We hope that 2020 is off to a great start for you, and that your path for the coming year, and the new decade, is lit up with the ahi of your sankalpa (intention).

Our Give a Little Crowdfund ‘CAN CHANGE’ is now open to support our primary focus this year, the free 12 module Yoga correspondence course that’s being delivered nationwide.
During 2019, in response to feedback from both teachers and pupils, the trust embarked on a substantial review and rewrite of these courses to update asana, re-visit language levels, and make them more in tune with Aotearoa culture. We are also looking to improve the educational structure with a view to gaining formal accreditation in the near future. The new format is as follows:
Foundation Course (3 modules), Progressive Course (3 modules), Expansion Course (3 modules), Peer Instructor Course (3 modules).
To date, YEPT has been able to meet most of the re-write costs but requires urgent funding to enable its completion. In particular, the trust requires $8,000 to enable the graphics to be incorporated into the last 6 modules.
Once this is complete then it will be submitted to an assessor to begin the accreditation process which will require another rewrite.
Your support would enable the prisoners to continue their yoga studies. The course rewrite is nearly finished and we just need a little push funding wise to get it complete.

Give a Little now so we all contribute to living in a more inclusive peaceful society. 


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