Chair Report AGM 2015

YEPT Trustee Meeting Saturday,

26th September 2015

Yet another year for YEPT to look back on and reflect and there is much to be positive and proud about. The year has not been without personal challenges for us all with the horrendous revelations from the Australian Royal Commission into the Satyananda Tradition, health issues, job commitments/changes, family commitments, and the passing of loved ones. And throughout this we have remained committed to taking the teachings of Yoga within the prison system. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of the trustees and others who have worked, taught , advised and supported this year for your dedication, time, energy and ongoing support that has been given so generously. We have been blessed with donations to continue our work and We’ar remain a wonderful benefactor and have asked to be our primary sponsor for YEPT.

Once again we presented YEPT at the International Festival at Kawai Purapura, where they kindly gifted us a site, and we were able to talk to others about our work and also fundraise. Movie Nights and kirtans were also held throughout the year as fundraisers too.

A research programme on the efficacy of yoga being taught in the Prison System in conjunction with Victoria University was disappointedly put on hold last year, but it is looking promising to begin again this year. It was fortuitous when we decided back at the beginning of the year that we wished to embrace Yoga teachers from all disciplines into YEPT that John Sinclair came under the YEPT umbrella. He has brought with him not only great ideas but new energy and focus. We shall all look forward to working with him. John has kicked off his involvement with YEPT with organising a Crowd Fundraiser.

Early next year also sees us offering a YEPT Training Day for teachers who wish to teach to anyone who is vunerable within the community, but primarily the prison system. After eight years of teaching within the prison system we have much to offer and share. We are also offering to YEPT the opportunity to attend the Trauma Sensitive Day for CPD, which will be held the day before our Training Day.

Another major undertaking is the development of the six month Yoga Correspondence Course offered to inmates. This is a huge undertaking and commitment but will allow prison students to deepen their understanding of the yoga techniques and possibly go on to teach themselves within the prison. There has been a strong interest in this and to date four inmates have committed to the course. Our deepest gratitude to SEVA South Africa for their generosity in sharing course material.

All of this would not be happening without the vision, dedication and pure bloody mindness of our dear, dear Adhyatma. Through all your personal challenges you have never wavered from your consistency to help those incarcerated and this unwavering passion has pulled me along with you!! I give you heartfelt thanks for the tireless and often thankless work that you do.

Much love to you all


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