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Freedom From Within

Kei roto I tuku kia haere ~ Freedom From Within was the name given to Adhyatma for the booklet she was developing with the assistance of Swami Vimalratna by a prisoner serving time and learning yoga in Rimutaka mens prison, Upper Hutt , 2012.  He said ‘Ahakoa, e iti noa ana ki tenei taonga, na te aroha’ ~  ‘Although this gift is small it is given with love.’  

Awareness and Self reflection: The program includes techniques that help develop awareness of body and breath leading to skills in self reflection and greater capacity to manage thought patterns and behaviour.

The program has been carefully developed over the last 7 years and is structured so that learning skills for observing and reflecting come before any attempt to modify behaviour, thereby avoiding the  temptation to get caught up in  patterns of ‘action and reaction’.

Through yoga asanas (postures) prisoners are able to release built up physical tension, blockages and toxins, and develop a sense of core strength that will enable them to feel more confident, embrace change and become self reliant.

Pranayama (breathing)  Helps the prisoners self manage patterns of obsessive thinking, leading to a quieter mind.

Meditation and Relaxation – simple meditation practices that can be done either sitting up or lying down by anybody.

Goals and Outcomes 

  • Space to ‘Be’
  • Awareness
  • Relaxation
  • Body-Mind reconnection
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Self Confidence
  • Mind and Emotional Management
  • Balance & Equanimity
  • Focus

Freedom From Within

A booklet containing simple instructions free for any prisoner. Once the foundations of yoga have been explored and established then prisoners may like to progress onto our 6 month Yoga Correspondence Course developed by South African buddies – Seva Unite. 


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