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We are always open to applications from new volunteers. We encourage applicants to read this page thoroughly.

We have different volunteering options available from teaching yoga or meditation inside, fundraising support, social media support, flyer distribution, photography/videography.

To affiliate with the trust: We recommend at least 200hrs yoga teacher training, and 2 years teaching full time in the community before entering a prison setting. However, this is not fixed, and depending on your age, life experience or other skills like counselling or group work, we would consider these to be helpful. We ask for 3 references of people who are familiar with your teaching and who can vouch for you for why you would be a good fit in volunteering with us. We prefer a one year committment of weekly classes. At some stage you must go through our one day training which occurs annually.

Affiliation Agreement here.

How to start? Contact your local prison Volunteer Co-ordinator who will send you the documents and discuss the needs of the units they work with.

Department of Corrections manage your police and background checks. They also will give you a half day induction which must be renewed every two years. The volunteer co-ordinator (VC) will find your class depending on your availablity. The VC should manage all of your security arrangements and you are entitled to a $150 petrol voucher once a year for 6 trips.

You may be able to shadow another teacher before deciding if this is for you.

Support: We have many teachers around the country who have been doing this work for years. They are available to support you directly via phone, skype etc and we have a private teachers facebook group as well as the annual trainings and gatherings which is a great opportunity to meet other like minded people. In some of the larger areas, teachers meet up for pot lucks and coffees to chat.

To apply, email adhytama108@gmail.com with a letter of introduction and your current c.v. Please include where you live (nearest prison) and your availability.

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